Thruster T200 con penetrador



Este Thruster sirve de repuesto para equipo Rov Bluerov2 o adaptar para cualquier necesidad de propulsión en el agua.


Parameter Value
Full Throttle FWD/REV Thrust @ Nominal (16 V) 5.25 / 4.1 kg f 11.6 / 9.0 lb f
Full Throttle FWD/REV Thrust @ Maximum (20 V) 6.7 / 5.05 kg f 14.8 / 11.1 lb f
Minimum Thrust 0.02 kg f* 0.05 lb f*
Operating Voltage 7-20 volts
Full Throttle Current @ Nominal (16 V) 24 Amps
Full Throttle Current @ Maximum (20 V) 32 Amps
Full Throttle Power @ Nominal (16 V) 390 Watts
Full Throttle Power @ Maximum (20 V) 645 Watts
Length 113 mm 4.45 in
Diameter 100 mm 3.9 in
Wetted Materials Polycarbonate
Stainless steel
7075-T6 Aluminum
Weight in Air (with 1m cable) 0.76 lb 344 g
Weight in Water (with 1m cable) 0.34 lb 156 g
Propeller Diameter 76 mm 3.0 in
Mounting Hole Threads M3 x 0.5
Mounting Hole Spacing 19 mm 0.75 in
Cable Used CAB-PUR-3-16AWG
Cable Length 0.71 m 28 in
Conductor Gauge 16 AWG
Installed Penetrator WLP-M10-6.5MM-LC

*Values limited by ESC used to drive thruster.

Note that nominal operation at 12-16 V is recommended for the best balance of thrust and efficiency, though operation at up to 20 V is allowable. Exceeding 20 V is not within the rating and not recommended, please see here for more information.

For more detailed performance specifications, including thrust, RPM, power, and efficiency at various throttle levels and supply voltages from 10-20 V, please see the performance charts below.

Performance Charts

Click on the legend to hide or show the data set for each voltage. All the raw data and notes on the testing procedure used to generate these charts can be downloaded here:


T200 2D Drawing




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